We Am Are Group

We Am Are Group is a forum for the wider community which is engaged in processing and development of artistic talents to good early childhood to adulthood. A container which was established on January 1, 2011 has also opened a facility where we can learn with programs that have been provided, such as tutoring, private, guitar clinics, and so forth (in various fields of art). Basically, We Am Are Group can be regarded as tutoring Services to the public, but different thing with other tutoring places, the We Am Are Group is trying to combine the development of academic science, processing talents, character formation and development.

A container which is addressed in UtamaJaya village, Gorowong district east Karawang is sometimes also held a sustainable musical events in these areas are often referred to certain  “We Am Are Music Enjoy” is where the performers it is the student member of music lessons We Am Are Group them. Besides learning how it is quite professional, We also provide a variety of classes for issues concerning the cost and methods of learning, such as:

* Grade Silver (Rp 80,000 / month)> for students up to 3-4 students / class, 8 times in 1 month meetings with duration of 40 minutes / practice and consultation.

* Gold Class (IDR 120,000 / month)> for students up to 2 students / class, 8 sessions in 1 month with a duration of 60 min / practice and consultation.

* Platinum Class (IDR 175,000 / month)> only one student / class, 8 sessions in 1 month with a duration of 75 minutes / practice and consultation.

as for private classes as follows:

* Private Regular (IDR 120,000 / month)> 8 meetings in one month with a duration of 60 minutes / practice.

* Private Gold (IDR 200,000 / month)> 10 meetings in 12 months with a duration of 90 minutes / practice.

In addition, We Am Are also provide a facility for packing work of the members of his lessons, or that we often hear the term recording (recording) for tutoring students who did his musical ability was able to say good and worthy to be published. In this (recording) was not only aimed at his students’ lessons, but also available to the general public with a means for recording an affordable rate, about  250,000-300,000 IDR / finish, with quality equipment and adequate professional engineer.

So for my friends who wanted to develop his artistic talent, can directly join it in We Am Are Group, because most people are confused at times in an attempt to channel his talent to be developed extensively, and hopefully by joining my friends at We Am Are Group can bring good for all my friends and our neighbors of course for a better life and more advanced.



About We Am Are

I am a studeny from Indonesia.my age is 18 years old. I will try to promotion about my course of music lesson in mycountry or in the world. I am a manager at mycourse of music lesson. that's named We Am Are Group. please join with us soon

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